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For those who are interested in business and investment, aside from initial consultations we offer a wide range of services, network connections and professional referrals that can make your process much more painless and less time consuming and expensive.

Relocation Consulting

Planning Assistance
Resettlement Referrals
Managing Expectations

Repatriation Consultation

Document Assistance
Timeline Assistance and Planning
Emigration Closure Services
Employment Consultation + Referrals

Business Consultation

Real Time Competitive + Market Analysis
Boots on the Ground Partnership + Assessment
Staffing + Training + Management Services
Trend Analysis
Documentation + Registration Assistance

Investment Consultation

Market Trends + Recommendations
Projections and Forecasting
Networking + Partnerships
Banking + Holding Services

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We’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to indicate your interest in either repatriation, business inquiry or business investment.


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