I am dedicated to this work in honor of all of our ancestors throughout the Diaspora and on The Continent. I am proud to play my part in furthering the end of the Maafa and beginning the next chapter in our people’s story.

Adrienne “Abena” Williams

Founder + CEO

I am a 10+ year veteran of the technology industry and a 15+ year veteran of New York City. I am also an intergenerational entrepreneur!

I founded my first business (Eclipse) after years of consulting and still feeling that I needed a new challenge (aka I was bored to tears). Prior to consulting, full-time roles with their politics, glass ceilings, cowardly/incompetent managers and in-office culture clash (I think they call it ‘microaggressions’ now) also weren’t my thing. Throughout my years in the tech industry there was always a longing to be my full self at work and a feeling that I had much more to offer. Answering my ancestors’ call to return to The Continent has been one of the most harrowing and rewarding experiences of my life. Learning to put my total trust in them and myself has been both a daunting and rewarding journey; surely one I was born for. I am not sure where this journey will take me but I am excited to uncover new challenges and adventures every day.

I hail from a long line of independent, free-thinking, successful, strong-willed folks with a taste for adventure and an eye toward success. Entrepreneurship for me means following along the path laid out for me by my ancestors and operating within my family’s bloodline. Each new success reminds me that I am living out my destiny and carrying forth my family’s legacy. It feels good to wake up everyday knowing that I am living the life I’ve dreamt for myself, under the protection of my ancestors, with the heart of a woman who has truly learned to conquer all fear.

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